Dr. A.A. Ajim

Senior Pastor

Dr A. A. Ajim is the senior pastor of Grace Int’l Church with English & Spanish speaking congregations at both Houston and New York.

What began as a prayer meeting of two families in his living room whilst doing Medical Residency at South Bronx, NY Hospital, has today grown into multiple dynamic and thriving local congregations with ministry assets currently worth well over 20 million dollars.

His uncanny ability to preach and teach God’s word; simply and powerfully has endeared him to reach people across racial, cultural, ethnic and social lines.

As of the last count, Grace Int’l Church comprise of members from about 40 different nationalities from around the world.

His TV Program “Moments of Grace” can be seen on TV stations globally and locally and across all social media platforms.

Dr. Ajim, a board certified physician, is the first black person to open a Freestanding Emergency Room in the state of Texas. He’s the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Grace ER, a chain of multiple freestanding emergency rooms around the Houston Texas area.

He also chairs countless businesses with extensive residential and commercial real estate holdings around Houston.

He is married to Dr. Alice Ajim, also a Board Certified Physician, Co-Snr Pastor at Grace Int’l Church and Medical Director at Grace ER.

They reside in Houston Texas with their 2 wonderful children Amanda, who’s now in Medical School after graduating PreMed @ Cornell, and Asher who’s also doing PreMed @ Cornell.